Mark - Why Mark?

So after the hurricane and our AWESOME Youth Service, we are back to our regular meetings each Sunday from 4PM to 6PM. We kicked off our series this month on the Gospel of Mark and are going out into the world for our study. We are talking road trips that leave anytime during our meeting, so be there on early, or at least on time. We could end up in the rafters and rigging of a downtown auditorium or in a community park or even someone's house. It won't happen every week but it will always involve some discussion and be based around the Gospel of Mark. And before you ask, yes, there will still be games like 4-Square and Sock Wars. πŸ™‚

We pulled out all of the stops and raided the kitchen fridge for toppings. Our favorite was the magic shell, but for some reason we could not squeeze it out. We put it back in the fridge.
We have tons of ice cream. "Hey, can we have these deviled eggs in the fridge?"
Upcoming Youth Events
October 1 – Trinity Effect
October 8 – Wilderness Adventure
October 15 – Guest Speaker
October 22 – Bondage
October 29 – No Youth
October 31 - Trunk or Treat



Book of Acts -May Bible Reading Plan

Our new sermon series "What Next?" Β starts this Sunday, May 5th. Β Follow this series and join us as we read one chapter day in the Book of Acts to prepare for this series.

Click on the chapters below to be taken directly to the chapter on Bible Gateway.

ο‚€ May 1 – Acts 1
ο‚€ May 2 – Acts 2
ο‚€ May 3 – Acts 3
ο‚€ May 4 – Acts 4
ο‚€ May 5 – Acts 5
ο‚€ May 6 – Acts 6
ο‚€ May 7 – Break/Catch up Day
ο‚€ May 8 – Acts 7
ο‚€ May 9 – Acts 8
ο‚€ May 10 – Acts 9
ο‚€ May 11 – Acts 10
ο‚€ May 12 – Acts 11
ο‚€ May 13- Acts 12
ο‚€ May 14 – Break/Catch up Day
ο‚€ May 15 – Acts 13
ο‚€ May 16 – Acts 14

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