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Young Adult New Orleans Dinner

The Young Adults at HUMC are planning a Mission Trip in August to New Orleans to work with the Epworth Project.  Following is a little info about their organization.


Since 2005, the Greater New Orleans area has endured several major hurricanes leaving thousands homeless and in great need. Most people are well aware of the damages caused by Hurricane Katrina, but most are not aware of the more than 40,000 homes that were damaged by Hurricane Isaac which impacted our area exactly 7 years to the day Hurricane Katrina struck. With so many weather related disasters over the past several years, Epworth Project exists to keep volunteers from around the country mobilized so that the families in our area will not be forgotten. Our goal is to provide basic needs for those living in unfit conditions, whether the conditions are hurricane related or not. In addition to assisting disaster victims, Epworth Project assists the low income and elderly with home repairs and builds handicapped ramps for disabled citizens.

On Friday, May 12th at 6:30p.m. we invite you to attend a dinner to help raise the necessary funds for them to go.  We will be serving an authentic Cajun meal (but not too spicy) and desserts so mark your calendar so you won’t miss out on the fun!!


Young Adult News – August

unnamed (19)Welcome back to School! I know most of you are starting college or other activities this month. We met for a movie night at the Parsonage last month. Pastor Katie has graciously offered to host and lead a weekly bible study in her home. We are currently searching for the right day and time. If you would like to be part of the discussion, join us on the Facebook Group! Otherwise, check back here in the next few weeks and we will have the information about times and dates available.



Young Adult News – December

Our next bible study will be our Christmas Party. We will have a bonfire out at Huguenot Park on Saturday, December 19th from 5p to 9p. We will doing a camping cookout and secret Santa as well as bible study. Get with Stephani in the next few Sundays for your secret Santa and your item to bring for supper. Secret Santa limit is $20.

Young Adults News – November

November’s Meeting will be on 11/21, the 3rd Saturday of the month. We will meet at 5p for YA Bible Study and Fellowship. This month will be Potluck so bring your favorite dish, your bible, and a journal. Our topic will be a continuation of Bible 101, with focus on stories of the bible. If you missed October’s Bible Study, our homework was practice for Bible Drills. This month’s drill will be on the stories of the Gospels so Read those Gospels! We are working on a way to serve the homeless in the month of November and more information will be announced as we receive it.